5 steps for Safely and Simply using sweet puff glass pipe

First and foremost, Cheap Smoke would like to emphasize that excessive smoking (including tobacco, cannabis, and nicotine-containing herbal blends) can be detrimental to your health. Please carefully consider dosage and purpose before usage.

In this article, we will instruct you on the proper use of a sweet puff glass pipe, allowing you to indulge in the sensation of smoking while prioritizing safety.

Note: Improper use of the sweet puff glass pipe, or any smoking apparatus for that matter, can lead to infections in the mouth, throat, or even pose more severe risks to your lungs. Please follow the instructions below diligently.

1. Cleaning the sweet puff glass pipe

Cleaning the sweet puff glass pipe
Cleaning before using the sweet puff is incredibly important. Follow: wikiHow.

This is imperative, whether your sweet puff glass pipe is newly purchased or not. Cleaning it before use ensures a safer experience. It’s crucial to preserve the original flavor of the herbs you are using.

We have provided detailed instructions on cleaning the sweet puff glass pipe. Please refer to:

2. Loading the herbs

Sweet puff glass pipes come with bowls of similar sizes, differing only in the length of the pipe stem. The dosage of herbs is determined by you; a smaller amount is easier to load but burns quickly, while a larger amount is more challenging to load (and may even break the glass bowl) but burns for longer, allowing for more hits.

Loading the herbs to sweet puff glass pipe
It’s best to prepare only an adequate amount of herbs.

The standard dosage for a seasoned smoker is 3-5g of herbs, roughly the size of an Australian adult’s index fingertip.

3. Prepare accessories

Mouthpieces for sweet puff
It’s better when using a mouthpiece.

Before beginning to smoke, it’s advisable to prepare mouthpieces (made of silicone) for smoother hits. Additionally, you can enhance your smoking experience by combining the sweet puff glass pipe with a bong.

Using sweet puff with a bong
Simultaneously using both the sweet puff and bong is also a smart choice.

As you may know, smoking directly from a sweet puff glass pipe can cause irritation, coughing, and even spluttering. However, using it with a bong filters and cools the smoke through water, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable sensation.

4. Lighting up

Lighting up to use a sweet puff

All sweet puff glass pipes have bowls positioned perpendicular to the mouthpiece, making it relatively easy to light up. You’ll need a lighter; gently ignite the herbs in the bowl while inhaling lightly to spread the flame across the rest of the herb.

5. Inhaling

Depending on the amount of herbs added in step 2, the number of hits and duration of inhalation will vary. On average, one basic bowl can yield 2-5 smoke hits. For beginners, it’s advisable to inhale gently, while more seasoned smokers can take deeper breaths.

Notes on using and disposing of sweet puff glass pipes

  • Never share sweet puff glass pipes; the risk of transmitting infections is very high.
  • Waste from sweet puff glass pipes can be harmful to the environment, humans, and wildlife. Please dispose of them properly by sorting them before disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

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