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Welcome to CheapSmoke – Your one-stop destination for all smoking tools and accessories. As Australia’s premier online store, CheapSmoke prides itself on offering the best market prices. With nearly a decade of experience, we understand the needs of professional smokers like you.


We guarantee highly competitive prices and provide a wide range of products from reputable brands such as AGUNG, Billy Mate, Happy420, RAW, JOBON, MWP, RODDI, CLIPPER, ZENGAZ, and more. Rest assured, the quality of our products is second to none.

At CheapSmoke, we cater to all smokers by offering both affordable and premium product lines. Our aim is to diversify our offerings, giving you more choices and enhancing your smoking experience.

We adhere strictly to all Australian government smoking regulations and refuse sales to anyone under the age of 18. We advocate for responsible smoking, emphasizing the importance of personal and community health. Smoking poses significant health risks, so we encourage following the guidance of Quit (CANCER COUNCIL VICTORIA) here.

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